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The geoScore API allows you to create truely dynamic web maps.

Choropleth Maps
Choropleth maps like the one shown above are able to convey vast amounts of information quickly and accurately. The geoGeoscore API shines where other tools breakdown, allowing you to create dynamic and interactive maps with a huge number of polygons.
Real Time and Streaming Data
Because the maps are rendered in JavaScript you can stream your data directly to the client showing your users hotspots in real time.
Point Clustering
geoScore offers a simple yet elegant alternative to standard point clustering approaches, allowing you to aggregate points by natural geographic regions and represent density with color.
Big Data
Our API supports virtually unlimited polygons. We can easily handle a couple hundred thousand polygons like in this Interactive Census Block Group Map
geoScore supports real time interactivity through high frame rates and accurate mouse events. Your maps can be reclassified and rendered in direct response to user interaction. The client-side rendering prevents network latency from getting in the way.
Legacy Support
geoScore's client side rendering is supported on nearly every browser on the market today (in theory). As a backup option we offer a server-side rendering service that will support any browser capable of running Google Maps. Server-side render does not limit dynamic rendering, but does hinder interactivity due to network latency.